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    Micro Pulverizer
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    We are offering our clients with Vishwas pulverizer (Model VPS/2) at competitive prices. These are made by heavy metal plate grinding chamber in which rotor with moving blades are continuously rotate at 3600 RPM. The salient features are as below: Below rotor a screen (different Mesh Size) are fixed Screen is interchangeable Fixed blades are fitted at top of the chamber A blower attached with grinding chamber that lift the powder material from chamber and delivered into cyclone drum Material feed through the hopper in the grinding chamber by rotating blades material broken into fine particles & Blower sucked the powder material and delivers it in the Cyclone drum Used for grinding of various types of dry material like- Chili, Turmeric, Spices, Coriander, Cumin seeds, Husk etc. Available in various models by varying in different output capacity & Horse Power (HP) Operate on Single Phase/ Three phases Electric Motors Attractive & sturdy steel body Cutting Blade made by carbide tips that maintain quality Easily fitted screen Balance Rotor Low noise and Maintenance Additional Information: Item Code: VPS2
    Multicrop Thresher ( Self Feed )
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    We offer our clients Jailaxmi Multicrop power thresher (Model- Electric Motor/Diesel Engine Driven) DBDF Self Feed Model (10 HP) self feed. These are high quality threshers which comprise 18 open cylinder with stud bitter on bars, two flywheels & two fans mounted on main shaft, a rubbing plates are welded on cylinder cover & Interchangeable concave fixed at bottom (For different crops). The salient features are as below: Oscillating sieve is move by eccentric system Auxiliary Blower provided for cleaning weeds & week seed grains. Removable screens are provided for different types of crops Self feed attachments are assembled in machine for easy & less effort during feeding of crops Additional Information: Item Code: DBDF
    Multicrop Thresher
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    We offer our clients with Jailaxmi multicrop threshers (DF model) which are perfect for multicrop threshing. These operate On 5 H.P. /7.5 H.P. Electric Motor or 6 H.P/ 8 H.P. Diesel engine. These comprise: Feeding chute Fully enclosed threshing cylinder with 36 stud bitter Oscillating sieve with double screening arrangement, a fixed top concave & interchangeable bottom concave (for different crop types) and Two heavy C.I. flywheels on main shaft mounted on heavy & attractive steel frame chassis Double screen is provided for cleaning grain, fixed screen at bottom & removable screen provided for different types of seeds Arrangement for draw bar and axle are provided for easy transportation The salient features are as follows: Easy, smooth and simple operation Winnowing blower provided for cleaning of week and weed seed grains Oscillating sieve oscillated by spring shock up without any extra vibration Grain spout made as galvanized metal sheet Safety guards provided on transmission system Additional Information: Item Code: DFModel
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